Here’s a question for you!


It’s not about programming. It’s not about technology. It’s not about numbers. It’s not about STARTUP BUZZWORD.

It’s all about people.

The internet is part of our society and it’s making our lives better every day. Many try to get rich on the internet. Few have succeeded in seeing the real game. I think one of the big players who got this right is Google. The game is about creating value for people. Facebook connects people. LinkedIn gets you jobs. etc.

Well then … what is value ?

I really did not figure that one out. But many have tried and I read some things here and there. I one had to opportunity to meet Vlad Stan in person and talk to him about a project I was working on with two friends. He talks fast and means business. One of the thing I learned form him was this simple way of killing an idea really fast.

It had to answer yes to at least one of these:

  • Will X get me laid?
  • Will X make me money?
  • Will X make me better?

I really liked this approach and tested it on my ideas. I killed a lot of them. And just that is a good enough for me because I have too many ideas 😛 Now when I think about it I understand why this three questions worked so well. It’s because it brought the users in the center of attention.

Hope this was worth three minutes of your time 🙂

What do you understand by value?

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